Thermolab vacuum ovens are an ideal choice for quick drying without posing risk to the samples. The Vacuum oven has a robust design with a toughened glass viewing window and a shatter- resistant safety screen. The interior is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel which is easy for maintenance. Thermolab Vacuum ovens operate within a temperature range of 50 0C to 200 0C which is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Standard Features:

  • Interior and exterior made of stainless steel
  • Vacuum better than 28.0 inches of Hg
  • Microprocessor based PID controller
  • Electrical air heaters connected to the outer surface
  • Safety thermostat for protection against temperature overshoot
  • Single handle door closure system
  • Easy to read Vacuum Gauge
  • Large size viewing window for inspection of samples
  • Operating manual and IQ, OQ and PQ documents

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Additional Features:

  • Printer Interface facility suitable for 80 Col. Dot matrix printer. Set values, actual values and date & time with variable print time intervals can be recorded
  • PC Interface communication card with RS 485
  • Window based communication software for data management to satisfy requirements for CFR 21 Part 11

Technical Data:

Model TV 25 G TV 53 G
Capacity 25 Litres 53 Litres
Temperature Range 50°C to 200°C 50°C to 200°C
Control Accuracy +0.5°C +0.5°C
Internal Size W x D x H cms 30 x 30 x 27.5 42 x 37 x 35
Unit Weight (without packing) 40kgs approx. 70kgs approx.
Input power 230V / 50Hz / 5Amp 230V / 50Hz / 15Amp
No. of Trays 2 2


Vacuum ovens are not designed for exposure to concentrated solvents, oils, acids or even diluted sodium hydroxide. When operating in a vacuum, there is no transfer of heat from the evacuated chamber interior to objects within the chamber unless they are resting directly upon one of the shelves. Please do not put insulating material between a shelf and the vessel being heated.

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