Stability Storage Facility

With extensive experience in the manufacturing of Stability Chamber since last 49 years, Thermolab offers one of the best Stability Storage Facility. The storage facility has 16 Walk-In Chambers and 11 Standalone Chambers with the total volume of 3,50,000 liters.

We offer comprehensive stability testing facility to our clients according to ICH guidelines in total completeness comprising of drug product, drug substance storage as well as cGLP compliant analytical laboratory.

Analytical Testing Laboratory

Well-equipped state-of-the-art analytical laboratory offer comprehensive stability testing services as per ICH guidelines and customer specifications. Highly experienced and qualified teams of scientists are responsible for the facility. The laboratory is compliant to GLP requirements. The laboratory facility includes sophisticated instrument lab, microbiology lab and chemistry lab.

The Analytical Testing Laboratory have been granted license by the FDA and currently serving to many Multinational and Indian pharmaceutical companies.

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