Thermolab’s Oven provides heated conditions for curing, drying and exposures for high temperature testing with high accuracy and superior quality.

Standard Features

  • Inside Stainless Steel and Outside Mild Steel Powder Coated OR Stainless Steel
  • 3’” Thick Ceramic wool Insulation
  • Motor and blower arrangement to have uniformity of condition under chamber loaded condition
  • U shape S.S. Nichrome wire air heater
  • Microprocessor based PID controller (Auto Tuning Type) with digital display
  • Safety alarm system (Jumo German Thermostat) to cut off the supply in case of overshoot
  • 2 Nos. Stainless Steel welded rod trays. With adjustable tray height arrangement Adjustable Ventilator, Silicon rubber gasket (for Oven) and Viton Gasket (for Hot Air Oven)
  • Works on 230 V AC single phase 50 Hz
  • Printer interface facility to print data directly with variable print time interval and PC communication with software
  • Complete with Operating manual and IQ, OQ and PQ documents

Optional Features

  • Electronic Timer of 999 hours with digital display will be provided to cut off the supply after the set time is over giving audio alarm
  • Printer Interface facility to record on 80 Col. dot matrix printer set values, actual values date and time with variable print time interval. (To be ordered with PID Controller)
  • PC Interface communication card with RS 485 for above control system. (Hardware for each oven). (To be ordered with PID Controller & Printer Interface)
  • CFR 21 Part 11 compliance Window based communication software for data management. Complete with RS 485 multi dropping to monitor multiple equipments on one software
  • 80 Col. Dot Matrix Printer along with Stainless Steel stand


  • Standard Model : Inside S.S. 304 mirror polished & Outside powder coated M.S.
  • G.M.P Model : Inside S.S. 304 mirror polished & Outside S. S. 304 dull smooth buff
  • Temperature range : 50 oC to 200 oC and 50 oC to 300 oC
  • Temperature Accuracy : ± 0.5 oC
  • Temperature uniformity : Upto 150 oC = ± 5.00 oC

    150 oC to 200 oC / 300 oC = ±10 oC

Technical Data

* TO 90 is a table top model.


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