HyZone Unidirectional Vertical Downflow Unit is designed with high precision to deliver product protection in critical environments. It is designed to meet current international standards, especially ISO 14644 series and IST recommended practices.

Standard Features:

  • Material of Construction
  • 1.2mm, 18 gauge steel with powder-coated or stainless steel 304 finish Side walls – Flexible sliding PVC curtains
  • HEPA filter and pre filter for Vertical down flow
  • HEPA filter: H 14 as per EN 1822 – 99.997% @ 0.3 micron American Air Filters
  • Air flow pattern
  • Unidirectional Vertical Down flow of air over work surface
  • Average Air Flow Velocity
  • Vertical down flow: 0.45 mps (90 fpm)
  • Motor Blower
  • Single phase 220-240 V 50 Hz AC induction motors with backward curve impellers
  • Control Panel
  • Microprocessor based control panel is located on the equipment
  • Work Illumination area
  • >1200 Lux (>100 foot candles) using fluorescent tube lights located on the front panel away from work zone
  • UV Light
  • Interlocked and programmed to work only when blowers and fluorescent lamps are off and front window is fully closed
  • Mounting Stand, Front Sash and Arm rest
  • Powder coated square pipe mounting stand with castor wheels and locking arrangement is provided. Ergonomic design includes angled front sash with counter weights, magnetic switches for door positions, arm rest, eye level LCD displays, alarms etc., for operator comfort

Each unit is factory tested to meet international guidelines and dispatched in ready-to-plug and play condition with Operating Manual and IQ, OQ, PQ test certificates.

Governing Standards / Guidelines:

  • ISO 14644-1
  • IEST RP-CC036
Microbiological Safety Cabinet (Class II)

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Technical Data:

Models Dimensions in mm
External External Internal
W x D x H
Without Base Stand
W x D x H
Without Base Stand
W x D x H
HyZone UVDF003 1015 x 770 x 1260 1015 x 770 x 1260 947 x 702 x 695
HyZone UVDF004 1320 x 770 x 1260 1320 x 770 x 1260 1252 x 702 x 695

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